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Work on your business With CEOs, executive and owners just like you

My Peers Group has made a difference by bringing together groups of successful executives across a broad array of industries.

The Goal: More success. Each group is designed to help members help each other improve their businesses and their lives.

Our professionally facilitated advisory peer groups dig deep on challenging and important issues

My Peers Group, groups meet once a month to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues. They are confidential forums of experienced executives who rely on each other for wisdom and counsel.

And then it happens

Through these expertly facilitated discussions, What to do? becomes What to do. Perspective is achieved, a definitive plan of action is determined. In subsequent meetings, progress is checked and accountability ensured. Are you ready for the challenge?

Our Facilitators, Many of Whom are Former CEOs, Expertly Coach Our Peer Groups

Put 10-12 or so high performing business executives in a room and the
potential is enormous. The role of a Facilitators  is to question answers,
not simply answer questions, so the core of an issue is exposed,
clarity is achieved, and a forward.

Let’s Start a Dialogue

My Peers Group is a by-invitation-only membership organization. Fill out this short form to see if you are a fit to join our executive members worldwide.

You are committed to raising the standard for your business.

You are a CEO, executive or business owner.

Your company is established and open to innovative thinking.

We'd like to hear from you!

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